TEMPTU Air Airbrush Anywhere S/B Kit

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TEMPTU Air Airbrush Anywhere S/B Kit


Experience the freedom to create and custom-blend anywhere! Finally, Pros can leave behind heavy equipment without the hassle of cleaning an airbrush gun with this kit that features the Airpod Pro, a reusable and disposable single action, airbrush cartridge and a 20pc. makeup set of our original airbrush formula, S/B, in a dewy, skin-like finish.
Kit Includes:
  • TEMPTU Air
  • 1 Airpod Pro
  • 1 Airpod Pro Brush
  • 1 Airpod Pro Cleaning Pot
  • S/B Foundation Starter Set / 12 x .25 oz. bottles
  • S/B Blush & Highlighter Starter Set / 8 x .25 oz. bottles
  • S/B Airbrush Cleaner 4 oz.


Prepping your Airpod Pro:

STEP 1: Remove the tamper seal on tip and clear cap.

STEP 2: Prime the needle by dropping 1-2 drops of S/B Airbrush Cleaner into the inner well. Pull gently on the clear loop.

STEP 3: Remove silver cap and attach the Airpod Pro to the TEMPTU Air or the TEMPTU Airpod Gun.

STEP 4: Spray S/B Airbrush Cleaner through thoroughly.

Tip: Prior to using a water-based formula, spray 1-2 drops of Alcohol 99% through the Airpod Pro to remove any residue of the S/B Airbrush Cleaner.

Using your Airpod Pro:

STEP 1: Insert 7-10 drops of makeup into the inner well of the Airpod Pro, needle should be fully covered.

STEP 2: Blend with the Airpod Pro Brush if mixing colours.

STEP 3: Snap clear cap onto well for spill-free application. 

STEP 4: Recommended speed setting for use with TEMPTU Air is speed setting 3.

Tip: For faster, easier application and less cleaning, assign an Airpod Pro to each type of makeup (e.g. one for foundation, one for shimmers, one for color like blush).

Cleaning your Airpod Pro:
STEP 1: To clean between colors, choose the cleaner based on the type of formula being used:
    • For silicone-based formulas use S/B Airbrush Cleaner
    • For alcohol-based formulas use Alcohol 99%
    • For water-based formulas use water

STEP 2: Drop desired cleaner into the inner well of the Airpod Pro.

STEP 3: Use Airpod Pro Brush to clean around and under the needle, as well as into the needle tube.

STEP 4: Spray completely through.

STEP 5: Repeat as needed until spray is clear. 

STEP 6: When finished, regardless of formula used, always clean the Airpod Pro thoroughly with Alcohol 99% so it is ready to use for the next application.

STEP 7: Never leave makeup sit in the Airpod Pro to dry or harden.

Tip: For no-mess cleaning, spray into Airpod Pro Cleaning Pot (sold separately).

Proper Care Tips:
  • Never soak o