Every Drop Beauty Tube Squeezers

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  SNAP – it on. Start with a tube squeezer in the open position. Place it near the end of your tube and line up the locking tab with your fingers. Snap the tube squeezer closed on the tube. Make sure the closure is not pinching it.

  SLIDE – the clip down your tube as needed to get product out easier. To slide, hold the top of the tube and slide the tube squeezer down the tube with your fingers.

  SAVE – Each tube squeezer can be used many times. When your tube is empty, push on the thumb release to unsnap. You can reattach it on your new tube.

To Clean: Wash in room temperature soapy water. Do not clean in dishwasher.


Packaging may vary.

Caution: Choking hazard. Keep away from Children and Pets. This is not a toy. For external use only.