Face Atelier Ultra Sheer Pro 20ml

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In packaging developed for professional makeup artists, FACE atelier’s Ultra Sheer Pro is the same formula as Ultra Sheer in a smaller lightweight and unbreakable container.  Perfect for a pro kit - ideal for travel. 

Silicone-based Ultra Sheer is magic in a bottle. Hydrating yet oil-free, add it to Ultra Foundation to subtly alter its hue, or use over Ultra Foundation to highlight. Use Ultra Sheer alone for a diaphanous finish that floats on your skin as it luminates. It's a blush - a bronzer - a highlighter.

Ultra Sheer. Simple to use. Simply miraculous. Moisture, heat and sebum resistant. 


Added to Ultra Foundation, Ultra Sheer acts as an illuminator as well as changing the hue slightly to adapt to different skin tones (i.e. Peach Ultra Sheer Pro will slightly warm a foundation tone)

Use Ultra Sheer alone to accentuate shoulders, collarbones and décolletage. Because looking good shouldn’t stop at the jaw line! 

BRIDAL ALERT - Ultra Sheer is an essential part of being camera ready and picture perfect on your big day!