KITOLOGY Double lid tissue dispenser

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The brainchild of Penny Antuar, an Australian makeup artist with 13 years of industry experience and a mainstay at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, Kitology was born out of a gap in the market between functionality and innovation with existing kit organisation products that were not quite exactly what she needed to be the most efficient artist she could be onset and backstage.

She craved kit accessories that were not only efficient and high quality but also didn’t sacrifice on aesthetic.

Kitology is launching with three essential pieces that can be used over multiple professions.

The pieces are multi-functional and can be customised to suit the needs of the individual.

Whilst they are launching with what Penny believes to be three kit staple pieces be prepared for the brand to grow and develop into a brand complete with products targeted to makeup artists as well as accessories to organise the kits of all creative professionals.

For a minimalistic feel and luxe approach to kit organisation welcome to Kitology.

The art of organisation.


Double Lid Tissue Dispenser

A small storage pouch that has two interchangeable lids. One lid allows for tissue dispensing and the pouch fits small Kleenex brand tissues. The alternative lid allows for the storage of small items like lip pencils or eyeliners or whatever you wish! It also has a strip of velcro on the rear side which allows for attachment to the from of the KIT002 carry all bag. So it adds extra storage to KIT002 or for tissues to be on hand if you are using KIT002 as an onset/backstage bag. It is made of premium canvas and nylon webbing, easy to clean heavy duty PVC and high quality black metal accents and zips.

  • Small storage pouch with two interchangeable lids
  • Lid 1 allows for tissue dispensing - please note this fits small sized tissues
  • Lid 2 allows for the storage of small items
  • Velcro strip on the rear side allows for attachment to the front of KIT002 Carry All Bag
  • Premium canvas and nylon webbing
  • Easy to clean heavy duty PVC
  • High quality black metal accents and zips
  • 18cm [w] x 13cm [l] x 3cm [d]