Pro Discount

Welcome to the Pro Discount page.

This is where you will find most products discounted for working professional makeup artists.  To access this page you are required to sign up for an account and show me proof of credentials.  There is no charge for Pro discount in my store.


Please include with your application at least two pieces of professional criteria:



Identification must be current, and clearly specify your name and profession. Please note that the following are NOT considered suitable proof of professional status: business cards, letters of reference from an employer or client


Once you have approval for pro discount you will be able to see products at a discounted rate.

If i am allowed to offer you a discount I can.  Some products I am only allowed to offer a maximum of 10% discount, others i can offer you more.

If there are products you would like to see me stock let me know and i will try my best to look into it for you.  :)  Happy shopping xx